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Glaucoma Services

The most common form of treatment for Glaucoma are medications that can safely be used to control it over a period of time. For uncontrolled or more advanced cases, surgery is often the best option. Modern glaucoma surgery, including lasers, can successfully control the disease for many patients. Glaucoma surgery can also be combined with cataract surgery, all done in one procedure.

Xen Gel Stent & Hydrus Microstent

Proud to be the first in our area to bring you two new minimally invasive Glaucoma surgeries, the Xen Gel Stent and Hydrus Microstent.

The XEN® Gel Stent is a surgical implant designed to lower high eye pressure in open-angle glaucoma patients where previous surgical treatment has failed and/or medications alone were insufficient (also known as refractory glaucoma).

The Hydrus Microstent, a device for treatment of mild to moderate primary open-angle glaucoma that is intended to be implanted alone or along with cataract surgery.


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Ex-Press Glaucoma Device

One of the more advanced surgical procedures is Ex-Press Mini Glaucoma Shunt implantation. The Ex-Press Mini Glaucoma Shunt is a device that is available as an alternate to traditional glaucoma filtering (Trabeculectomy) surgery.

It is advantageous to both the patient and the doctor because it allows the doctor to provide the patient with a reduction of pressure and a reduction of medications required after the procedure. The doctor can perform this procedure more simply and without the extra tissue manipulation required with the traditional filtering procedure.

The patient’s post operative recovery is improved as there is less inflammation after the operation. The Express Mini – Shunt procedure is available alone or concurrent with cataract extraction. This advanced Glaucoma procedure has routinely performed by Dr. Pappas since 2007.


Canaloplasty is another state of the art procedure that is an alternative to traditional Glaucoma surgery. The Canaloplasty procedure is available alone or concurrent with cataract extraction to reduce eye pressure and the number of glaucoma medications used by patients. It is a non-penetrating surgical procedure that does not require the creation of a fistula and does not result in a “bleb”. Insertion of a microcathether using the outflow system of the eye and suture tension within this system controls pressure.

Dr. Pappas is one of few in the USA, the first  in Florida, and the only one in Brevard County to have performed hundreds of procedures since 2008.

Due to the excellent results with this procedure, in 2009 Dr. Pappas and the Pinnacle Eye Center were instrumental in getting CMS to approve this procedure for Medicare patients in Florida.

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iStent & iStent Inject

The iStent Trabecular Micro-Bypass Stent (Models GTS100R and GTS100L) is indicated for use in conjunction with cataract surgery for the reduction of intraocular pressure (IOP) in adult patients with mild to moderate open-angle glaucoma currently treated with ocular hypotensive medication.

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