Introducing GATT, Gonioscopy-Assisted Transluminal Trabeculotomy (GATT)

A minimally invasive -no device implanted – alternative to traditional glaucoma surgery for the management of open angle glaucoma.

State of the Art Glaucoma & Cataract Care

Canaloplasty, a new alternative to traditional Glaucoma surgery to better control eye pressure and reduce the number of medications patients use.

Dr. Pappas is one of few surgeons in the US, the first one in Florida and only one in Brevard County to have performed hundreds of this state of the art procedure since 2008.
Similarly, the Express Mini – Shunt advanced Glaucoma surgery, now routinely performed since 2007.

Advanced cataract surgery with combination of Multifocal Implant Lenses (IOL) like Tecnis, Verisyse & Toric. Some of these lenses are designed to improve vision at all distances and potentially without glasses. Astigmatism can be corrected with the Toric lens.

Now introducing the iStent a procedure used in conjunction with cataract surgery for the reduction of intraocular pressure (IOP) in adult patients with mild to moderate open-angle glaucoma currently treated with medications.